If you’re like me I’m sure you’re wondering why in the world did you have to get this horrible disease called “Lymphedema”.

I know I could not understand for the life of me why did I have to experience this condition that nobody had any answers to. I mean wow the one condition that doesn’t have a cure and I get it! Could they not have found a magic pill to fix me or a surgery that will make it go away. No! No! NO! Always the same answer NOOOO!!

So what do you do? Do you hide your feet from embarrassment? A doctor actually said that to me…not in the exact words but that’s how I took it. Or, do you realize this is your new reality and adjust your crown and keep living.

Well for me I stopped living for a while because I was just fed up with life and looking like this. I hated to shop especially for shoes which I used to love love love!!! I hated the summertime because more people could see that my feet were swollen so no more shorts for me nor swimming. I hated everything and I was absolutely miserable and no one knew it! I lived in the silo of my mind confined to the prison walls that I built around myself filled with the eyes of perception from others. Bottom line I was depressed!!