Since learning that I have lymphedema I spent many hours over the years researching the disease. I knew in my heart of hearts that somebody had a cure for this disease. I just could not accept that God will allow us to live here without a cure. However, year after year after year, I would search the internet looking for an answer. I could not find anything!

After feeling defeated yet another year I did stumble across a website that talked about advocacy for lymphedema patients medical supplies called Lymphedema Treatment Act. I was so amazed to discover that over 140 million people worldwide suffered from this disease. I actually got inspired because now I realized that I was not alone in this fight. I have support and people like me who are out here trying to make a difference by educating the world that this is a serious problem. I immediately joined the team and began helping to speak to Congress and the Senate about the impacts of lymphedema and how we do not have laws to protect us to obtain medical supplies that our doctors prescribe.

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