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Without discounting the challenges, the pain, and all the losses, the 18 authors of Made to Overcome – Chronic Illness Edition openly share how they are finding meaning, purpose, joy, and peace despite chronic illness. The chronic illnesses that could have ended their lives have become their motivation to live. Through their health struggles, they have become resilient, more compassionate, and superheroes in their own rights. Many have founded organizations, sparked movements, and created other initiatives that are shaking up our world. – Chou Hallegre

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“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” -Richard Bac

Sitting at home embarrassed about the way people will look at my feet. Going to the store..oh I will send my kids in to get my stuff while I sit in the car. Sound familiar? Until I looked at life differently and found joy in living “MY BEST LIFE” I was that person for a long time. Changing my mindset on how I viewed myself forced me to change the way I lived. I realized that I needed the human interaction and staying in the house was not going to get it…..I decided I WANTED MY LIFE BACK. AND LYMPHEDEMA WOULD NO LONGER STOP ME!!! READ MORE LET’S L.A.F

You’ve heard the old saying “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” I say “if you just sit around and wait on people to do stuff for you …well I’m still waiting and it’s been 20 years!” So that means that if I want doctors to find a cure for the so-called “incurable” disease then I must get involved to be a part of the solution! I must take action and help the doctors and policymakers understand that this is an urgent matter! I must become a PATIENT ADVOCATE!

LaShonn “Couch Potato” should have been my name! I lived for TV and junk food so much that I put on more weight and saw my feet and legs swell even more! Now was the time to change…I used to be fit..I used to be active…I know that I am capable of doing better for myself and my loved ones. I know that in order to beat this disease I got to get healthy and GET K.I.M. (Keep It Moving). Healthy eating, healthy mind, and healthy bodies are the keys to success in this ever-changing “Lymphie World”