Living with lymphedema is a complete lifestyle change. You no longer can wear your cute heels because they hurt like the devil trying to put them on! Heck if you are like me you usually wear flip flops! You also find yourself trying to hide your feet by wearing long dresses, skirts, and pants, anything you have to do to remove the stares at your feet and legs.
My life’s mission is to find great social ideas to get us out of the house and fashionable styles that we can wear to help us to feel good about ourselves again! Empowering us to “l.a.f” again and get our lives back

Time to relax! Did you know that lymphatic massages are a great way to help move your lymphatic fluids? YES!!! Everybody loves a GREAT MASSAGE! One of my favorite massage places in Mauldin, SC is Grace Spa and Wellness. The staff there is so warm and inviting. 


Dancing and hanging out with your family and friends will do wonders for your overall mental health. Staying in the house and not having a lot of human interaction can create an environment that can be quite depressing. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Being social and engaging with community activities will open you up to a whole new world of Friends, Fun and Laughter!

Listen to your doctor and use your treatments wisely. Lymphedema can be managed and not progress if you catch it early. It is imperative that if you think you may have this condition that you contact your doctor. If the doctor confirms that you have lymphedema he/she will have to recommend you to a Lymphedema Specialist. Take a look at this video of a doctor explaining the phases and causes of lymphedema. 

Eating healthy has been linked as a key factor there improving your lymphatic system. I began the Keto diet a few months ago and I have seen some great improvements in my swelling. Take a look at this video and share others that you find that show how well ketogenetic work for lymphedema patients.